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Beatles Fans

Itinerant performance inspired by the music and songs of the Beatles

“Who were The Beatles?” To answer this question, let’s use John Lennon’s words:
“The 1960s witnessed a revolution among young people, which involved the whole way of thinking. The Beatles are part of this Revolution, which is actually an Evolution still in progress. We were all in the same boat: a boat going to discover the New World. We were all on lookout.”
With this performance, the public is invited to take part in a journey along the real and abstract Open Spaces of the city, following the choreographies of the actors, letting themselves be drawn into a whirlwind of visual and sonorous emotions.
The white actors of Silence Teatro, with 60’s style clothes, perform dances, pictures, images where spectators are also invited to participate.
A theatrical reinterpretation of the iconic songs by the four boys of humble origins who musically marked an era and made entire generations dream.
We are all still in the same boat to discover the New World.


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