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Baroque Suggestions

Baroque Suggestions

Dressed in elegant costumes with a Seventeenth Century cut, the faces and hairs covered with white clay, a dozen of actors cross the city in lightness and create an atmosphere of deepened silence, of astonished enchantment.

In a proceeding of counterpoints and escapes, the actors live the city (with its ways, springs, monuments, buildings…) recreating it and changing it into a magical and timeless dimension, in a mythical and fabulous inlay.

The action is not only built around the places and the things, but also around the emotions and the emotional actions of the audience: love, jealousy, kisses, smiles… And the actors face them with irony, sometimes light, sometimes deep and melancholic.

The feeling, simulated and emphatic, is almost cried in the fixity of the figures in rest, in its hyperbolas and metaphors. And the words are taken over by pure images, that cause emotions and evoke atmospheres sometimes tenuous, sometimes melancholic, sometimes joyful. VIDEO GALLERY

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