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Silence Teatro

The Silence Teatro performs research through expressive forms which combine the Theatre and the Environment, with the intention of encouraging a creative dialogue between urban spaces and artistic work.

The Silence Teatro has reached the convinction that theatre should rotate around its own world so that the Historical and Cultural patrimony of the community may be re-read and elaborated as a theatrical performance.

Its itinerant performances are born from this concept and are presented at numerous important festivals in Russia, Poland, the Slovakian Republic, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Esthonian, Switzerland, the Republic Czechon, Finland, Luxembourg, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Latvia, Liban, Romania, Armenia, Turkey, Cyprus, Albania and Croatia.

The Silence Teatro is also author and promoter of the experience called “The Places of Memory“, a theater laboratory whose aim is the production of a street theater performance.

The Silence Teatro, besides producing performances is able to carry on an intense activity of cultural promotions organizing in co-operation with the public institutes, stages and theatrical reviews.

Since 2020 SILENCE Teatro has been the representative of Italy in the E.T.A. – EURASIA THEATER ASSOCIATION. The objective of this association is to promote peace through the diffusion of different theatrical forms and to encourage the artistic and human exchange among different cultures. The members consist of artists, theatre groups and organizations from more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia.


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SILENCE teatro
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