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The “Mutations” show is a representation of great visual impact and strong suggestion.

The performance draws inspiration from various sources : starting from the suggestions theater of ancient Greece, where the rites of Bacchus , you get to the places where we sink our cultural roots , the same places where the Camuni , from 2000 to 10,000 years ago, realizzavano on the rocks , as the fulfillment of ritual activities , the works of art that we can still admire and groped to read and interpret as a common history of the peoples of Europe .

The rites and the activity of hunting, agriculture and religious cults , rites of initiation, and the social structure , funerary rites , dances and, above all , unceasing dialogue with the forces of Nature, emerges as a living energy the representation ” Mutations ” .

The rituals with fire, votive offerings , trance dance, are the symbol of a need for spiritual purification , the need to meet with the great Mother Nature in an effort to lose its identity to achieve a deeper self -awareness , reunited with their ancient roots.

History has left many testimonies of rituals that still exist in some African tribes of South America or which have many points in common with those of our forefathers , are now almost hidden treasures and therefore even more precious that should not be forgotten. VIDEO GALLERY

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