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Send Your Message until Death

An itinerant show from medieval documents


Violence, rite, message, work, war. These are the themes present in the preparation and assembly of the production

Introduction – The populace and the spectator are emotionally prepared by musical symbols (horns) and visual symbols (the shadows). The are presented with two components: white, the symbol of expression, and black, the symbol of inhibition. The contrast of these two symbol has marked many events.

The show – It begins with a series of situations which are typical of work, understood as positive energy. The white, the sowing, the meetings, the new theories, the women the innocence and the vulnerability. Iron, an important material for economic development was also a symbol of violence, war and blood in medieval times and here arms and chains appear.

The entrance on stage of four characters chained to each other highlights examples of moral transgression of the time. The show becomes a journey by inviting the public to follow the paths of the condemned persons: the heretic, the sodomite, the alchemist, the witch. This This ends with their being burned at the stake. During the journey the persons in chains have one last chance to launch their messages and express their personal dramas so that the public (the populace) may recognise and/or judge them.

Once the sentence has been heard, the flames burn the characters together with their thoughts, and all that is considered as dangerous disappears with them. The ashes cancel evrything and the new religious tradition in born, the clothes become multi – coloured and there are no longer any definite contrasts. VIDEO GALLERY

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