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Itinerant show

A group of eccentric travelers walk along the streets and squares, encountering adventures that are continually suspended between reality and dreams.
They are involved in situations going from the grotesque to the comic, from tragedy to poetry.

They are travelers forever. The journey is the only possible destination. Silences are the words of the journey. The images flow like a book of old black and white photographs. They are plane flights and torn maps. Lost treasures and lasting texts. Brides dancing in the sky like badminton feathers. Animals closed in canvas cages. Ships and vessels without a seaport. Travelers who seem to have escaped from a painting can still train their eyes to see the streets and the shapes. A silent suggestion.

SILENCE teatro
via Ex Tramvia, 4
24065 Lovere (BG) Italia

Phone: +39 035 983 713
Mobile 1: +39 335 560 56 64
Mobile 2: +39 388 796 43 46 (English)


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