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Urban Angels

The Angels… are coming back!
Last time they came dressed in ethereal substance. Perhaps they were looking at us from a distance.
In the end, a flutter of wings was left inside of us, a far-a-away look.
But today, nostalgia has called them back.
At the end of each day, with the unchanging hope of being received, they approach the city that awaits them. They have become bolder, almost human; they prefer crowded places, squares, road crossings.
What they ask of us is curiosity and imagination.
The speak to us of silence, dreams, peacocks, a faraway world, and we ask them for protection and health, intimacy, rain, love, the lottery.
Then, as it is in the order of things, they suddenly drift off into the darkness, leaving gleams of velvet, silk, byssus and damask.


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